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Fromagerie Jousseaume

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An unparalleled quality

Located on verdant farming land in the heart of the peaceful Charentes region in South-West France, just 15 minutes from the beautiful historic town of Angouleme, the Jousseaume family has been producing artisan goat’s cheese of exceptional quality since 1958. 

Here, they raise 500 dairy goats and make cheese from their milk directly on the farm in order to manage every aspect of the outstanding taste of their award-winning cheeses. With a total of 500 milking goats on a hundred hectares of rich agricultural land, natural elements (hay, straw and home-grown cereals) ensure that the goat’s milk is rich in all the necessary qualities required to deliver high-quality cheese with the undeniable mark of farm quality.

Alain Jousseaume took over farm management from his father in 1998 and continues to use traditional savoir-faire and cheese-making techniques passed down from generation to generation, whilst remaining up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technology, ensuring the high standards of farm-quality products are not only maintained but also continually improved.

Dernières nouvelles: Salon Mer & Vigne et Gastronomie

Nous serons présents au Salon Mer & Vigne et Gastronomie au Parc Floral Vincennes du 8 au 11 septembre 2017 - Stand D2. Demandez des invitations gratuites en vous inscrivant sur notre site !
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Serving food

"Experience shows that the best method is to follow the raw material to consumer"

Distributed in larger dairies and French delicatessens, these impeccable quality's delights are exported in Europe and now in the world to be enjoyed by the most discerning palates.

In addition, our store after visiting the farm, offers tasting and purchase of farm products.

Accompanied by a glass of Old Pineau des Charentes of property, one or other of these local flavors delight the finest palates.
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The Jousseaume'house offers , in The Store, a line of a decade cheeses farmers includes Taupinière the Taupinette (trademarks) and all of their specialties such as Grand'mémé, the yogurt gaot's milk or goat cheese cake.

You will also discover our range of Pineau des Charentes all finer one than the other.
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Nos prochains déplacements:

  • Les 8, 9, 10. et 11 Septembre 2017
Salon Mer & Vigne et Gastronomie - Parc Floral - Vincennes (94)

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Salon Mer & Vigne et Gastronomie - Wacken - Strabourg (67)

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Salon Mer & Vigne et Gastronomie - Espace Rencontre - Annecy le Vieux (74)

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Salon Mer & Vigne et Gastronomie - Hippodrome - Maisons-Laffitte (78)

  • Les 24, 25 et 26 Novembre 2017
Salon "L'eau à la bouche" - Péniche du Maxim's - Port de Suffren - Paris 15ième

The Jousseaume house is also ...

... over a hundred medals won in regional competitions, national or international such as the Concours Général Agricole whose fifty Gold Medals that were awarded the quality of our cheeses and our Pineau.

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