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Les Pineau des Charentes Jousseaume

Visit the Chai of the goat farm and enjoy our Pineau medalists.
Le Chai de la Chèvrerie

Jousseaume Store

The web store of Jousseaume house

"La Chèvrerie" and "Le Chai de la Chèvrerie"  are met

Come discover our Pineau and our goat cheese for sale ...
Jousseaume Store

Mer & Vigne et Gastronomie

"Mer & Vigne et Gastronomie" gather artisans, farmers, oyster growers, fishermen, growers and ranchers in gastronomic fairs held throughout France.
Mer & Vigne, the website that is eaten

La Ribaudière

The star chef of the Charente welcomes you in its gourmet restaurant ....
His plate of goat cheese is made by us.
La Ribaudière

Paths Gourmet

Pierre-Brice Lebrun, publishes excellent books on gastronomy in general and in particular. The last of his works: "Pineau des Charentes"; A must read! Go visit his blog ..
Paths Gourmet

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